Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi, my name is Jorgen Evens for the people that know me I’m usually “the IT guy”. My daytime job makes me a software developer, and after hours I’m the sysadmin for some local businesses and a consultant on projects that link software and tools to the infrastructure that runs them.

I’m currently employed at Ambassify where we build the awesome technology that runs our Employee / Advocacy Marketing Platform.

About this blog

I am interested in many things within the computer industry, but that does not mean that I will be writing about all of these as I’m not necessarily knowledgeable about all of them. Here are some topics you can expect me to write about:

  • Software development
  • Linux
  • Virtualization

Previous endeavors

Below are some of the projects that I’ve worked on in the past, this obviously is not an exhaustive list so feel free to check out my GitHub profile.


XenMaster screenshot

Around 2011 Wannes and me attempted to build a web interface that would allow you to manage your XenServer cluster. The project was started out of frustration that the official XenClient was only available on Windows and neither of us had a machine running it natively. This coincided with work on XCP and XCP on Debian being done.

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Heroku Modular Buildpack

When I first learned about Heroku as a student in 2013 it made little sense to me that you could not compose your buildpack out of multiple smaller components. As a result I created the Modular Buildpack which could install packages into your Dyno similar to how a package manager would install packages onto your OS. These days we can specify multiple buildpacks for our applications on Heroku which is a more flexible approach and allows old buildpacks to be re-used.

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Find me online

If you’d like to find me online to have a chat or would like to know more about the things I’m up to you can follow me on either Twitter or GitHub.